Monday, 15 May 2017

Drug testing for welfare recipients

Our beloved followers have decided to bring in testing of dole bludging scammers on welfare who also take drugs.

I wonder how these people in charge think junkies can afford to live on welfare?

The problem has been ongoing with the conservatives pushing to have everyone off welfare as soon as possible.  Last year in the Huffingtonpost B1 (Bronwyin Bishop, aka Helicopter Girl) and number 44 (aka Tony Abbott) were quoted saying that everyone on welfare are junkies taking drugs,  or so my quick skim of the article shows.  They quick skim and wiki report so why can't I? Number 44 says in Sky, where else?  We are creating welfare villages.

Centrelink, the government organisation that looks after welfare payments for this country.  Their random drug test paper is here

And says in part " This measure will trial the use of random drug testing in three locations as a way of better identifying and supporting those with substance misuse issues.
From 1 January 2018, 5,000 new recipients of Newstart Allowance (NSA) and Youth Allowance (other) will be subject to random drug testing in a two year trial."

Alan Tudge is the minister responsible for Human Services and the drug testing was brought in as a budget measure by Scott Morrison.  These are the two to blame.

And these are the two to ask if it is good enough for the junky dole bludging welfare scammers why not for the junky disabled pension scammers who get disability pensions for being drug addicts?  Disability pensions are based on a 20 point plan where people have to show they are so disabled on a list of 15 tables for impairment.  They really do put it all down to matching information on a table with your disability.  Drug addiction as well as alcohol addiction is a real cause for disability.
Tudge & Morrison why don't you test the 10% of disability penalty recipients who are on disability because of their drug addiction?  No idea of the number of disability pensioners on DSP for drug addiction but ten is a nice number.  Similarly those in charge have no idea how many people on welfare are taking drugs.  
To make things even and to keep up with my penchant for petitions I have lodged a petition with Mr Vasta, chair of the Petitions Committee, asking all MPs be tested for drug and alcohol every day they are in Canberra and at least twice randomly when they are out of Canberra. The problem is Mr Vasta hid petition EN0038 asking about Abbott's dual citizenship and a lot of Queensland senators and barrister MPs had to remind Mr Vasta of the Crimes Act 1914 section about compounding offences.  Once an EN number is allocated and the thirty days for signing the petition is begun I will post often on twitter and facebook with a link to it.
My rant is nearly over, I don't like my junky neighbours who are on disability pension for being junkies.  They still deal drugs and take drugs and fight over drugs and money for drugs and abuse people and bash each other and stand by off their tits as their daughter gets bashed.  But they are on a legal disability pension.
People on welfare don't do it as a choice.  It is far too expensive trying to live in this country without trying to pay for drugs too.

Tudge and Morrison if you do it for newstart and study recipients of welfare it should be done for MPs and for those disability pensioners who are on DSP because of drug addiction.  You can't just target the poorest monetarily, educationally and socially just to please the extreme right wing wankers in your party.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Will this be my last email to Tony Abbott?

Dear Mr Abbott

Last parliament, the 44th, Senator Cormann hid a petition that would have had you produce your renunciation of British citizenship papers.  This parliament Mr Vasta tried to do the same but a dozen Queensland senators and my local MP Mr Wallace convinced Mr Vasta that three years in jail may not be worth it for him.  He was concerned about the other Section 44 is in the Crimes Act 1914, called the Compounding Offences clause so released the petition for answer.

Again it took mention of the Crimes Act 1914 for Senator Ryan to change his story of never being given the petition by the Petitions Committee and so the answer is due in a week or so.

Will you wait for the senator to publish his response to the petition or will you put into Hansard a copy of your renouncement papers?

I didn't enjoy this chase, I didn't like being ignored by you, I didn't like being lied to by your senior staff and other politicians, I didn't like the contempt you showed to fellow parliamentarians in not even sending them an automatic reply to their letters asking you to show you comply with our constitution.  Ms Butler and Senator Nash wrote two pretty fine letters asking you as a fellow parliamentarian to show you comply with our constitution.  I didn't really like having to learn about FOIs, the constitution, immigration law, UK civil law, UK data protection, Australian data protection.  After 3 1/2 years you can basically thank Peta Credlin for my beginning to ask questions and to look and learn.  It has astounded me how arrogant you are and how ignorant of our laws.  You claim western civilisation is paramount, but the main tenet of western civilisation is the rule of law.

I look forward to your producing the documents, or your not producing the documents.  Either way is good for me.

kind regards

Tony Magrathea

PS would be loverly if your staff actually showed you the email, because I doubt very much has got through to you.

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Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past 44 months.  There's that number again, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Do your own filthy work Senator Ryan

Petition EN0038 was presented to parliament and put in Hansard on 21st November 2016.  House rules say petitions must be answered within 90 days of being put in Hansard.

This one was hidden in the petition system by the Chair Mr Vasta.  He risked 3 yeas in jail to make sure Mr Abbott wasn't asked to show he complies with the constitution.  After I had found out the petition was hidden, it took calls to public servants in Parliament House to find that out because the information the petition had been hidden wasn't put on the web site, I wrote to my Queensland Senators and local MP Andrew Wallace Barrister-at-law.  They reminded Mr Vasta of the other S44, that in the Crimes Act 1914 which says things like hiding the petition could be construed as compounding an offence and worth 3 years in jail.

The petition was given to Senator Ryan on 15 February 2017 and a few days ago his staff told me they had never seen the petition.  Senator if you are going to lie to protect your mate Tony Abbott you too are probably in breach of S44 of the Crimes Act 1914 and could face 3 years in jail.  But don't ever put your staff in the postilion where they have to lie for you.  If your staff are party or public servant they must be protected from criminal prosecutions at all costs.  Asking them to break the law is disgraceful, even for a Liberal MP.

I wrote to my local MP and am slowly getting around to anyone who appears in public with Tony Abbott to remind them of the danger he puts them under.  Have a read and please feel free to send it to your local MP.

The two section 44s.
Crimes Act

The petition and all of Mr Abbott's birth and citizenship papers have been posted throughout the blogs and at the bottom of this one.

The letter:-

Dear Mr Wallace

As a barrister you may have come across people who will do anything to cover up a possible crime.  I am finding the same with one of your parliamentary colleagues and many of his party mates.

In Parliament 44 Senator Cormann & Dr Jensen answered a petition asking Mr Abbott to show he complies with the constitution by telling parliament about the law.  And trust. The response said we the people should trust politicians when they tick the S44 compliance box on their nomination papers.  The AEC can't ask or check and they must believe candidates.  

Then Senator Cormann said if there was any other problem to use the Court of Disputed Returns.  That can only happen if I voted in Warringah, you are my local MP so obviously I cant go to the CODR.

The only other simple option is to ask MPs to ask questions.  My local MP at the time was Mr Brough and he didn't seem to want to have to do anything much let alone ask a question.  Ms Butler & Senator Nash did, they both wrote to Mr Abbott asking him to clear up the matter and show he complies with the constitution.  He didn't bother replying to either.

In the last 3 years I have had 6 death threats from various mouthy idiots on social media.  All have been referred to the AFP to do whatever they want with them.  I have asked the AFP to examine the possible problem, shortly after doing that my gmail account was hacked and everything irretrievably deleted and Mr Quaedvlieg got his promotion.  A coincidence I am sure.

I wrote to Mrs Bishop as Speaker and Senator Brandis as AG and nether bothered replying, in fact I have FOI proof Senator Brandis destroys my email about Mr Abbotts dual citizenship without referring to the AG department for answer.

I wrote to Mr Abbott's office asking how to lodge an FOI application and was told by Ms Credlin,who had decided to become FOI clerk, that if I lodged an FOI application it would be refused by her.

A petition was lodged with PM&C by another person and they were informed the renunciation papers do not exist.

The UK Home Office say they can not confirm Mr Abbott complies with our constitution.  They also said they could neither confirm nor deny he had renounced his British citizenship.  There is currently a court case in the UK to force the UK Home Office to say one way or the other.  I am running that by email unrepresented.  It seems they let you do that over there.

Another petition was lodged in this parliament, EN0038.  You helped get that from being hidden by Mr Vasta to being given to Senator Ryan for answer.  The petition was in Hansard 21/11/16 and should have been answered sometime in February.  Because Mr Vasta acted so unusually in hiding the petition it wasn't sent to the Senator until 15 February and due for response 16 May 2017.

I rang Senator Ryans office this morning and was told they have never received that petition and are claiming they should have 90 days from today to answer the petition.  I have sent him copies many times in the emails I have sent asking him to make sure he answers the petition, doesn't fob off the 1021 signatories with the law that doesn't work and to ensure he actually asks Mr Abbott for a copy of the renunciation papers.  the only way to get rid of British citizenship is to fill in a form and pay a fee, a very British thing to do.

Mr Abbott was born in London to a British father and Australian mother.  He got automatic British citizenship because that's the way the British law works.

He didn't bother getting Australian citizenship until the Rhodes Trust threatened to remove his scholarship.  A mad panic at Immigration saw his mother fill in the application forms and citizenship given to him on 2/8/81.  The date the minister approved the application is the date citizenship commences.  That gave him dual citizenship.  The form and Immigration rules say an adult child must fill out their own citizenship papers unless incompetent.  He had just got a Rhodes Scholarship so competence is not in question, the legality of his mother filling in the form may be though.

In October 1981 he entered Oxford as a British citizen, not as an Australian as is required under the Rhodes Trust.  Talking to students there with him at the time, the only reason for risking doing that would be to claim the UK students allowance on top of the scholarship.

I am a dual citizen like he is and that is what got me first asking him in the first place about when he renounced, he didn't bother replying.

You are in the party but you are also in parliament. Is the law the law for everyone or does party membership and sleeping with the AFP provide immunity for some?

Would you ask Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers to Senator Ryan, parliament and me?

I have included copies of the petition, birth certificate,citizenship & Oxford FOI for you to look at.

I do hope you can do this for me as I have been messed around, threatened and lied to for more than three and a half years now.

Kind regards

Tony Magrathea

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mummy signed the form

Tony Abbott's citizenship by descent 

came about through a form being filled in and signed by his mum.  The normal way for this to happen is to have mum or dad fill in the form within the first 5 years of the kids life and then you don't need ministerial approval.

Tony Abbott was 23 at the time and from everyone I have spoken to at the Department of Immigration once a child becomes an adult the adult child must fill in their own forms.

Tony's mum did it for him.

I tried emailing Mr Dutton as the minister to find out if mummy filling in the form was legitimate.  I waited 3 or 4 months and nothing so I lodged an FOI to find out what was legal.  After 7 months the Information Ombudsman go the department to respond to the FOI.  It was roughly a hundred blank pages.  After the first 3 months waiting for a reply to the FOI I lodged a petition in the 44th parliament.   It was ignored and hidden by the Petitions Committee and marked not to be referred.

At the start of the 45th Parliament I lodged pretty much the same petition again and it was read into Parliament and put in Hansard on 10th of October 2016.

Me Dutton replied to that petition in December 2016 but the email must have got lost int he interweb.  I didn't find out until well into 2017 that there was a reply, and after reading it I can figure out why no one wanted it seen.  Mr Dutton hadn't bothered reading the petition and didn't bother answering it.  This is what he sent as a reply:-

So we start again.

Petition EN0154 is now on the petitions list waiting for signatures.  It should be closed for signatures about 21 April 2017.  The link is where you can sign if you want to.  One signature is enough to have petitions put to parliament so no real drama there.

It says:-


So there we have it.  A fiasco of years.  Fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

No reply Turnbull & Caymans accounts

Members of parliament don't reply to voters on email, snail mail,.twitter or farcebook.

Members of the media don't listen to viewers or listeners or readers.

So what's a voter to do?  Whinge and moan and cry on social media/  social media is basically a whinge bucket for politicians, everyone can whinge and they don't seem to bother replying.

Two choices.

FOI - try the right to know people and ask your MP's department to let you know what you want to know.

Or lodge a petition in parliament.  It can be written in the old fashioned way and posted in or done online with the new fangled e-petitions thingy.  Doc Jensen was basically a dual national waste of space in parliament and was arseholed quite significantly by his own party come election time in 2016.  But he did bring in the e-petitions when he was chair of the House of Representatives Petitions Committee. You need one signature to make n effective petition to parliament and it must be limited to 250 words to stop rants and must be something the House of Representatives can do.

Most MPs don't reply to me so I do write petitions and FOIs.

Here is one about Malcolm Turnbull in a roundabout way.  It asks the House of Representatives to determine if an MP can legally purchase the rights of Cayman Island citizens and get zero taxation.

I have asked barristers and been told that purchasing the rights and privileges of a foreign national is in breach of S44 of the constitution.

The part of S44 that makes Caymans accounts illegal for MPs  says a person who is entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power is disqualified from parliament.

So time to sign and pass around petition number EN0130.  It can be signed here until about the 3rd of April.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Tony Abbott's dual nationality

Petition EN0038 is with Senator Ryan to be answered by about the 20th of May 2017.

I first asked about Tony Abbott's British citizenship because I was born in England in the same year as him and when he became Prime Minister I was curious about his citizenship and renunciation of British citizenship because there was nothing in any of the official and unofficial biographies about him.

So I emailed him and waited.  No reply, not even an automated response.

I then contacted the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet asking how to do an FOI request to get a look at the renunciation paperwork.  I figured out he had to have the paperwork to comply with the constitution so it would be in pride of place in his office.

It wasn't, in fact his Chief of Staff Peta Credlin replied to me saying she would become the FOI clerk should I dare submit an FOI. And she would refuse to give any information.

Others put in an FOI request when Abbott and Credlin were in London and got a response saying the documentation doesn't exist.  That is here, or the FOI to look at the FOI is here.  Because the original FOI didn't find any documentation it isn't listed in the PM&C FOI register which is a pity because it is such an important piece of information.

Change the system started a petition to ask Mr Abbott to show he has renounced his British citizenship.  It got over 33,000 signatures when it was presented to Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition, his deputy Tanya Plibersek and to the Greens member in the House of Representatives, Adam Bandt.  All three did exactly nothing with the petition.  Any normal person would think that 33,000 signatures asking for a politician to ask a question in parliament would be huge news.  They didn't bother.

I read up about petitions and lodged one in the House of Representatives, it is here.  Senator Cormann replied by telling the world that the law says MPs must obey the law and if they don't then go to the Court of Disputed Returns.  Pfft to you Matty Cormann, sort of knew the law that's why a petition was lodged.

Senator Cormann said we must believe candidates when they tick the form on the Australian Electoral Commission nomination form where it says they comply with S44 of the constitution.  He also said if they didn't do that then the only recourse was to go to the Court of Disputed Returns and petition them.  That CODR is limited to voters in the seat where the MP lied to get into parliament.  A candidate in Warringah tried that but ended up in a mental hospital, was committed on the way to the High Court in Sydney to lodge with the court of disputed returns.

I doubt Abbott or the Liberal Party had anything to do with the committal but someone did.  Perhaps just doing their mate Abbott a favour, or doing something to protect their hero.  The candidate may be a loony, but standing for election doesn't look like the sort of thing a lunatic would consider.  Anyhow, a person was kept in a mental institution for 3 months and released without reason or apology.

Have I mentioned I had 5 death threats up until yesterday when another on twitter decided they were going to have a go.  All are with the Federal Police and this latest got an abject apology quite quickly.

So I  lodged another petition, a new fangled e-petition.  Doc Jensen was a complete waste of space and oxygen as a parliamentarian but he did bring in the e-petition system, which is quite brilliant.  Petition EN0038 is here.

The petition was blocked in the committee phase by Mr Vasta presumably as part of the Abbott protection society so I called on my Queensland senators and my local MP Andrew Wallace.  Mr Wallace wrote and advised he had spoken with Mr Vasta and the petition is now going to Senator Ryan for an answer. Hopefully Senator Ryan will read this and realise the petitioners know the petition system, know the law and realise the law doesn't work.

Petitions throughout history have shown that asking a member of parliament to look at asking a question does work and I trust we will finally get an answer about Mr Abbott's dual citizenship.

Well sometimes they work.  Petition PN0004, the one about his Australian Citizenship application being filled in by mum, seems Peter Dutton doesn't understand English. Only answered a little bit of the petition.  The answer is here.

The petition is below.   I have lodged another petition to get Peter Dutton to actually answer the petition.

In April the United Kingdom started to kick into shape.  Been asking UK Home Office for details of his renunciation.  They say they can not confirm he complies with our constitution but also say they can neither confirm nor deny he has renounced his British citizenship.  In 2014/15 a Tom Holland took the FOI process through the information commissioner and into the UK court system.  I am in the process of doing the same.  Tom Holland had his knocked back because the court said they could not examine compliance with the Australian constitution because it is Australian.  The constitution is British law so I have gone to their court system arguing they can examine that and since Mr Holland's attempt the public interest has skyrocketed.

The court asked for a copy of a phone call to Abbott's off ice in January 2015, the audio file I sent didn't play in the UK so I sent a transcript.

The transcript is here

Transcript of phone call to Mr Abbott’s Parliament House office

PM office:-   Good morning Prime Ministers office Diana speaking
Me:-  Hi Diana my name is Tony Magrathea I make a phone call everyday to find out about replies to letters I have sent and Teri Butler has sent’
PM office:- and what are the letters in regard to sir
Me:- Mr Abbott’s renunciation of British citizenship papers
PM office:-I am not going to transfer you through to the department but I will advise you that the request you are asking is ludicrous and we will not be answering. Because the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister and he is an Australian citizen and that is as far as the conversation is going.
Me:-  wait a sec I ‘ll just let you know I am recording this for any senate inquiry

PM office:- you have already had a response sir.  You have been provided with a response from the department.  I am not going to get into a discussion with you sir, about this.

Me:- What about the FOI

PM office:-  You have had a response
Me:-  from whom
PM office:- You have had a response from the department we have discussed it with the department when you called.

Me:- no I haven’t had a response from the department, that’s why I keep ringing every day.
PM office:- Well you have sir
Me:- send me a copy of the response. The only thing I have is a copy of an FOI saying the renunciation papers do not exist.
PM office:- And that’s the information that has been provided as a response to your correspondence.  It’s a ludicrous question sir and I am not going to have this discussion with you.
Me:-  this is being recorded and will be published
PM office:- publish whatever you would like. Thank you

I have not had a reply from Mr Abbott about my request for a copy of his renunciation papers.  In early January 2014 his chief of staff Peta Credlin told me if I lodged an FOI she would become FOI clerk and refuse the application.  Later in 2014 Jan Olsen lodged an FOI with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, it is that document being discussed as the FOI in the phone call.  Ms Olsen is apolitical activist who was arrest in the House of Representatives demanding Mr Abbott show his renunciation papers.
I was given a copy of that FOI from Jan Olsen not the department.  That FOI is part of my submission.  If you have been keeping up with this you will have seen the FOI Jan Olsen got, thats the one we are talking about.


Below are some links to newspaper coverage and online discussion.  The online newspapers are interesting in their comments sections, it shows there is a great deal of public interest.  I have included some media coverage which calls what I was trying to do a birther issue. There are links to the nomination hand book and petitions to parliament and to politicians.   The Sky link to Hinch's show doesn't work, Sky has removed the video.

Phone call to Mr Abbotts office which seems to indicate he FOI above is true.
Terri Butler MP wrote to Mr Abbott in January 2015 asking for him to show he has renounced his British citizenship. He didn’t bother replying to a fellow member of parliament
Woman threatens Tony Abbott in parliament, this was the woman who lodged the FOI above – she went there to ask in parliament fro him to show he had renounced his British citizenship and was arrested.
Facebook page Tony Abbott worst PM in history a page that once had 350,000 members
Abbott fail again Facebook 45,000
Tony Abbott lies Facebook 15,000
Skynews a show by Mr Hinch before becoming Senator Hinch
Oxford FOI entered as British citizen against rules of Rhodes Trust
A blog about the Chair of the Petitions Committee hiding a petition this parliament
The next blog after the chair, Mr Vasta, was reminded about the crime of compounding a crime under Australian law. My local MP a member of his same party was a barrister before becoming an MP.
Another blog about Mr Abbotts Australian citizenship problems.
A link to petitions hidden by the previous parliament.  Nearly every petition presented since 2008 has been referred to a minster for answer, except mine about Mr Abbott.
Some documentation relating to Mr Abbott.

Petition EN0038, originally hidden then sent to Senator Ryan for response.

If you find links that don't work please put a note in the comments.  If you have others that might be of interest please put in the comments

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Queensland senators and my local MP


Senator Macdonald has been in the press whinging they are all over worked and underpaid.  They get between $180,000 a year up to $300,000 a year.  Senator Macdonald refuses to answer emails so his workload seems to be just the 60 odd days he is in Canberra.
 So I wrote to him and the other 11 Queensland senators and my local MP Andrew Wallace.  Andy is so overworked by emails he doesn't have a contact address or a parliament house web form to fill in.
Dear Senators
I am writing to all my Queensland senators asking for help.  I ask you to approach your colleague Mr Vasta and have him reverse his decision to not refer a petition I organised for parliament.

The petition is an e-petition number EN0038 which had 1021 signatories to it.  It was presented to the House of Representatives on 21 November 2016 and is in Hansard.
The petition should be referred to Mr Pyne as Leader of the Government in the House or to the Speaker Mr Smith because he is the final control of all members in the house.
It is terrible that a petition put to parliament about the eligibility of a member to sit in parliament is hidden to protect that member.  Since beginning asking about Mr Abbotts dual citizenship in early 2014 I have had 5 death threats, all referred to the Australian Federal Police.  After last years election a candidate in Warringah decided to petition the Court of Disputed Returns to assess the legality of Mr Abbott sitting in parliament.  On his way to the High Court in Sydney that candidate was stopped by unknown people and committed to a mental institution for assessment. He was kept there for three months and released without reason or apology.
The safest way to avoid the protection racket was to lodge a petition in parliament, but it seems Mr Vasta is part of the protection racket.

Mr Abbott was born in Britain to a British father, this gave him automatic British citizenship.  In 1981 his mother filled in an application for citizenship for him when he was 23 years old.  Four months after gaining dual citizenship he entered Oxford University as a British citizen.
Those of you with a legal degree or who worked  as a barrister are familiar with law and it will be simplicity itself for you to find out the rules for getting Australian citizenship, an adult must fill out their own forms.  A parent or guardian can only do so if the adult child is incompetent.  Mr Abbott had just got a law degree so it is very unlikely he was an incompetent person.
If the petition is not answered I will have to take the matter to the High Court and seek compensation under the Common Informers (Parliamentary Disqualification) Act 1975.  From research I have done that law has never been tested in court.  Once that matter has been to the High Court and if Mr Abbott is found to be a disqualified person the justices of the High Court may ask or be asked to determine how many people knew of the possible crime and did nothing or covered up the crime.  I am sure the legally aware amongst you are aware of the other S44, that in the Crimes Act 1914.  If not it is here and pretty simple to understand.  If someone is aware of a crime or hides a crime there is a problem.
Under our laws a foreign born person must do all in their power to renounce their previous citizenship before signing a declaration for the AEC on the nomination forms.  being a pommie thing a British citizen must fill in a form (RN) and pay a fee to rid themselves of their British citizenship.  The UK Home Office say they can not confirm Mr Abbott has done this to meet our constitutional requirements.
You are all part of the boys club now and sit with Mr Abbott daily in Canberra for at least 60 days a year.  Ask him to see his renunciation forms.  They do not exist.
What are the requirements for a barrister or a lawyer made aware of a possible crime? Can you stay quiet and still meet the legal and moral codes of your profession?
I do trust that as my senators you will be able to have Mr Vasta present the petition to Mr Pyne or Smith to ascertain the truth.  When it is found Mr Abbott has not renounced his British citizenship I hope you as my senators  would ask for the Common Informers (Parliamentary Disqualifications) penalty be paid to me.
I know Senator Macdonald has been complaining about your work load as members of parliament, but to voters who don't even have their emails answered your 60 days in Canberra isn't much at all.  I trust you can answer this email and have the petition referred by Mr Vasta.
Those of you who do answer emails every word is appreciated and treasured by us the voters.

Best wishes
Tony Magrathea
PS copies of the petitions and documents are attached



I have been informed that the petition will be presented to Senator Ryan.  I have written to him with the following - in the hope I am not fobbed off again.  And hope I dont come across as too pretentious.


Dear Senator Ryan

I have been advised by the House of Representatives Petitions Committee that petition EN0038 has been referred to you.

I will bring to your attention a response I got from Senator Cormann as Special Minister of State in February 2016 regarding the same matter, it fobbed petitioners off saying the matter can only be resolved in the Court of Disputed Returns. The link is here 

Instead of simply asking Mr Abbott to show the renunciation papers which he must have Senator Cormann did all he could to avoid having to ask Mr Abbott anything.  He stated it was " Responsibility for compliance with the requirements of section 44 rests with each person who nominates to stand for election."  then explained how S44 of the constitution works and that the Court of Disputed Returns can be used to solve any problems.  The petitioners were white washed, fobbed off, treated like fools.  That is why the current e-petition has been lodged to ensure that Mr Abbott is actually asked to show his renunciation papers.  The Court of Disputed Returns thing doesn't work so long as there is an Abbott protection society.  

After the recent election a candidate in the Warringah election did indeed try the Court of Disputed Returns but for some reason he was stopped and committed to a mental institution while actually on the way to the High Court in Sydney to lodge a petition about Mr Abbott being ineligible to stand for election because of dual nationality.

That person was kept in a mental institution for 3 months and released without reason or an apology. He is not sure who it was who committed him but believes they may have acted to protect Mr Abbott.

I myself have had 5 death threats since first asking Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers in earl 2014.  All have been referred to the Australian Federal Police for their action.  I feel safe knowing the AFP have my back.

It is simplicity itself for Mr Abbott to show his renunciation paperwork.  Being a British thing he can only renounce by paying a fee and signing a form.  The British Home Office advise they can not confirm Mr Abbott complies with the Australian constitution.

Mr Abbott was born in London to a British father and Australian mother giving him automatic British citizenship.

In June or July 1981 his mother applied for Australian citizenship for him, this may be in breach of Immigration law then and now and is a matter of a petition with Mr Dutton at  the moment. This application gave him dual citizenship, if his Australian citizenship is legitimate.  

In October 1981 Mr Abbott entered Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship, but instead of entering as an Australian citizen he joined Oxford as a British citizen confirming he knew he was a dual citizen.

An FOI to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet showed the renunciation papers did not exist.

When you question Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers from the UK Home Office I trust you will treat his response in the proper legal matter.  If he refuses to show them then I trust you will take the matter to the High Court to have him removed form parliament for being a dual citizen, when you do that please ensure the Common Informers penalty is forwarded to me as primary petitioner.

If he does show the renunciation papers I trust you will confirm the date matches his entry to parliament in 1994.

I have attached copies of his birth certificate, his Australian citizenship application, the FOI from Oxford about his entry there  as a Briton and the current petitions in parliament.  A copy of a letter to my Queensland senators and local MP is here. And the FOI from PM&C is here.   
I trust you wont fob off the 1021 signatories to the parliamentary petition and that this ridiculous situation will finally be put to rest 3 years after Mr Abbott was first asked to show he had renounced his British citizenship.

Will you prove yourself a parliamentarian and ask Mr Abbott to show the paper work or will you join the Abbott protection society?

Tony Magrathea

Some more about this - I got a letter from the Petitions Committee and Senator Ryan should just answer that petition and not try and lecture people on Court of Disputed Returns etc.  Simply needs to ask Mr Abbott to show he has renounced his British citizenship


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